Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Now I'm nearly 40...

[disclaimer: Today is not my birthday. I will turn 40 this year but my birthday is a long way off.]

I have always dreaded turning 40. As an egocentric teenager it seemed to me to epitomize middle age and frumpy mummydom, worthy of lots of eye-rolling.  Recently though I've realized that the people I know who are turning 40 (or have turned 40) are pretty darn cool and not middle aged at all.

I'm still not overly keen to turn 40 but just after the clocked ticked past midnight and everyone kissed each other on each cheek wishing people around them health and all the very best for 2014, I was struck by the thought...

That's it, I'm 40 this year, enough faffing around, it's time to get on with life. 

I couldn't wait to get stuck into all the projects I have been putting off, all the things that needed fixing at home, all the things I had been wanting to do but hadn't for whatever reason it might have been.

To my great surprise as I looked down the barrel of 2014, not only am I happy to be in my 40th year but I am relishing the things I can now do. Now that I'm no longer changing nappies, mopping up vomit and smelling babies bottoms that is.

Perhaps it was the effect of a triple whisky and coke that was accidentally poured for me but as we were sitting round having yet another pre-dinner drink, I beatifically grinned and said

I think 2014 is going to be a great year!

Now that the whisky and coke has well and truely worn off, I still think 2014 is going to be a great year.  It may bring it's share of doom, natural disasters and economic crashes but despite all of that I believe that it's going to be a year of seeing God move in incredible ways, a year of experiencing an outpouring of his love. We're in God's economy, not him in ours. We carry within us the hope of nations and whatever disasters our planet and our nation goes through this year, the people who carry Jesus in their hearts will be those who bring light in the darkness, peace in the storm.

There is a profound sense that come what may, it is all going to work out well in the end.

Turning 40 is going to be great and 2014, whatever it may bring, is going to be a great year too.

Now that the year is well under way, what are your thoughts on 2014? Is it bringing what you expected? Have you had surprises already? If you are in a storm, have you found the peace that passes understanding yet? Have you been in a situation that looks desperate but despite it all you knew it would all work out well, however incomprehensible that might have been at the time?


  1. Great post and great outlook Sophie! We have a few things in the air at the moment and believe it will all work out for the best but struggle at times being patient and trusting. But I am hopeful that the year will see me in a better place with my faith and also emotionally :)

    1. Thanks Leonie. I think once we hit that sweet spot where we realize how much God loves us and that he is completely trustworthy, that patience and trusting comes so much easier. Will be thinking of you this year xx


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