Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things I never thought I would have to teach my kids

I have no idea what I thought parenting would be like but it certainly wasn't what it has turned out to be. It has had (of course) it's moments of great joy and laughter but it has also a lot of moments of

what the heck? I didn't sign up for this!

I feel constantly underqualified to parent these three little beings and my desperate prayer is that I don't mess them up and leave them in therapy for their adult lives.  Every so often I find myself astounded at the things I never thought I'd have to teach someone else.

I knew they'd have to learn how to read, to cook, to crochet, to share and how to use a fork etc but lessons I have had to give that have caught me by surprise have included...

  1. how to identify a problem and find a solution
  2. how to make a decision (what to wear, what to eat etc)
  3. how to core an apple
  4. how to wipe your bum (properly)
  5. how to arrive somewhere on time
  6. what common sense is
  7. how to wait
  8. how to tidy your room. Goodness, how does someone who struggles with untidiness teach someone else to be tidy?
  9. how to keep your temper
  10. how to not stress. I'm still learning this one myself!
It has also surprised me how long it takes for these things to be learned, how many repeats it takes. Don't you find it incredible that we humans manage to get through childhood into adulthood with most of the skills we need to function independently and relate to other people? More or less.

How does that happen?

On Sunday I had the privilege of holding a very new little baby. She was just two weeks old. We've had four babies born to people we know in the last month or so and another one is due in the next couple of weeks.

Here are two of the five. Eventually there'll be four girls and a boy. Aren't they the most amazing little beings? I'm completely in awe when I see a newborn and blown away when I see my girls and think that they were once at this stage. I wonder how on earth they got from here to where they are now.

What have you had to teach someone else that you thought they would automatically know how to do? If you're a parent what have you had to teach your kids that surprised you?


  1. I just had similar thoughts this morning as the girls were scootering to school and kindy... come on guys, watch for things around you, people cars, be sensible, be aware, use your brain (a phrase of my eldest that we now use!)... and thinking gosh... how many repeats? But then I go, soon enough i wont even realise that it's happened... Am amazed daily how little things that seem obvious to us, probably caused our parents the same mind boggling experiences when we were little... It's an amazing journey this parenting thing x

  2. perseverance... has to be taught, has to be modelled I think it's a mixture of osmosis as they see us complete things from start to finish, and solid coaching encouragement. And as a messy person myself I don't hold out a lot of hope for my teaching skills on that!

  3. This parenting gig can sure be tough at is not until you see newborns that you realise how far you have come with your own. Xxxx

  4. I think the things that has amazed me most is what they teach me! Both of my boys inspire me to be the best of myself, the grow me in ways no one else can, not even my I would say that has surprised me the most...and I know they are still not done with me!!!! lol

    love and light


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